Civil Engineering Grand Challenges: A Gigantic Task That Can Solve Many Problems All at a Time

Civil Engineering Grand Challenges: A Gigantic Task That Can Solve Many Problems All At A Time

Civil Engineering Grand Challenges: A Gigantic Task That Can Solve Many Problems All at a Time

Civil Engineering Grand Challenges: A Gigantic Task That Can Solve Many Problems All at a Time

ASCE or The American Society of Civil Engineers has a representation for more than 1,50,000 members who are in the profession of civil engineering from 177 countries. It is America’s oldest engineering society and was founded in the year 1852. This institute is the leading provider of the professional and technical conferences and continuing education. It is also the largest publisher of the content of civil engineering in the world and has the authoritative source of the standards and the codes for protection of the public. As a student of civil engineering, if you are given an assignment or case study on civil engineering Grand Challenges and the contributions of ASCE which you find really tricky, you can contact for writing help for civil engineering assignment of BookMyEssay for a professional and affordable assignment writing help.

ASCE Grand Challenges

ASCE or The Amercian Society of Civil Engineers has initiated Grand Challenge. Grand Challenge has asked for a commitment from the civil engineers to be highly innovative in the phases of design, project planning, and implementation. The objective of the Grand Challenge is a reduction of 50% costs in the infrastructural lifespan by 2025 and also the encouragement of design and innovation in infrastructure sustainability. The Grand Challenge of ASCE request the civil engineers at their any career stage and from all backgrounds for implementation of innovation, resilience, performance-based standards, and life cycle analysis of cost in all the projects. It is a drastic step taken by ASCE. They have also laid down certain standards which you have to be aware of in order to work on the assignments successfully otherwise you can contact the us for civil engineering assignment writing.

Identification of the Grand Challenges

The assembly of the task force by The Technical Council on Computing and Information Technology or ASCE TCCIT and Data Sensing Committee or DAS have identified the nine grand challenges faced by the Civil Engineering today that can be addressed using analysis research and the data sensing.
The identified challenges are the following:

1. Estimating the sea levels
2. Reducing soil erosion
3. Managing groundwater
4. Enhancing the disaster management via infrastructure resilience
5. Improving the efficiency of building energy
6. Reducing traffic congestion
7. Monitoring health infrastructure
8. Improving the productivity of construction
9. Enhancing site safety construction

Areas of Focus

Resilient Infrastructure- Adopting a sustainable and resilient approach and looking out for the tools to set as well as track the sustainability goals. As the infrastructure becomes modernized, preparation can be done in a much better way to meet the challenges of tomorrow. In case of disasters, building and designing resilient infrastructure is cost-effective.

Innovation- Innovation includes sharing the ideas and strategies that are related to new business models, green engineering, resilience, and internet of things. Through innovative thinking, the barriers can be reduced and ideas can be promoted for creating new standards for the industry.

Life Cycle costs- The profession of Civil Engineering should make a significant improvement in the performance and delivery of life cycle of the infrastructure investments. This is an essential component to make the transformational shift and making the work more sustainable.

Performance Standards- The Grand Challenge of ASCE is the opportunity for adopting the standards of performance throughout the entire lifecycle of infrastructure and also improving the performance in a dramatic way and also creating efficient costs.

From a technical point of view, some of the biggest civil engineering challenges are global warming, scarce resources, and growing population. With the professional support of the Civil Engineering assignment writing help students of civil engineering can complete their assignments on Grand Challenges impressively.


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